Under Armour Inc. is the company which was introduced to the market in 1996 by Kevin Plank. The headquarter of this company is located in Maryland. Under Armour is a well-known brand for the production of T-shirts, athletic shoes, hoodies, pants, jackets, leggings, shorts, etc. They also deal in manufacturing of various accessories like gloves, […]

The brand Coach was introduced in 1941 in New York. Because of its stylish look and unique finish, this brand is well known in the whole world. Coach works on traditional and the latest trends to make a unique blend of both for making its products. They utilize a high-quality material, perfect stitching style, and […]

Bowel disorders or bowel problems are a group of ailments that result from prolonged infection or inflammation of the digestive tract. The mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine are the parts that make up the digestive tract. Any infection or inflammation in one or more of these parts results in bowel problems. Inflammatory bowel […]

You may or may not know you are suffering from fibromyalgia. There is no specific test to determine its onset and is quite often poorly identified among the masses. Doctors generally test you for other diseases and conclude on fibromyalgia when everything else is ruled out. It is the second most common disease affecting the […]

There are two proteins that help to keep the skin tight, smooth and free of wrinkles and those essential proteins are elastin and collagen. Due to some factors like sun damage, aging, and airborne toxin exposure, these proteins break down. This leads to the loosening and sagging of the skin around your neck, face, and […]

Thin hair is the growing issue nowadays and there are a lot of reasons behind this problem. The causes behind thin hair include excessive use of chemicals on the hair, several hairstyles, hereditary factors, aging and deficiency of some nutrients. Our hair follicle also grows old as we age. As we know estrogen contributes an […]

Almost every woman faces the problem of hair in the pubic region. Some of them don’t want to go for a hair removal treatment and like them in their natural way with respect to growth. But some of them doesn’t like their hair growth in any area other than head and eyelashes. They want their […]

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is basically a viral infection. It is a common viral illness that is more prevalent in young children than adults. It can occur in older children or adults as well. This disease is characterized by fever, sores in the mouth, and rashes on hand, feet, buttocks, and legs. Hand, […]

Groin pain can be extremely uncomfortable and unsettling. Be it due to some injury or some underlying condition, you need to seek immediate treatment. To put into perspective, you are experiencing pain below the beltline, you just have to find out the reasons for the same. At times the underlying cause of the pain may […]

Arthritis is a degenerative and painful condition usually marked by an inflammation of the joints, which causes pain and stiffness. Traditionally, with various anti-inflammatory medications, the arthritis pain can be dealt with. However, such medications can cause several side effects as well. Hence, it is always advisable to consult a medical expert before taking any […]