From time to time we go back to our grandmother’s recipe book to make some classic dishes that we enjoyed as children. Today, modern food trends and the adaptation of fusion foods are on the rise. However, cooking old-fashioned recipes bring back a wave of nostalgia for those good old mornings where we could dig […]

Planning a dinner for your family or a group of friends need not be stressful. The wide range of choices could be overwhelming if you still are contemplating what to cook. But if you have a plan, even if it is a quick dinner idea, you can work wonders. You can build on your idea […]

Turmeric is a yellow spice and is believed to have many health benefits. It belongs to the ginger family and is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The ideal temperature condition for its growth is between 68°F and 86°F as well as considerable rainfall. The roots are boiled in water and dried in ovens […]

We all know that the human eye is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, and one of the most important parts of the eye is the conjunctiva, which is a transparent tissue that covers the eye. Numerous tiny blood vessels are located in the conjunctiva and in the space between the […]

Magnesium is an essential macro-element which is naturally present in many foods. It helps the human body in protein synthesis, healthy bone development, maintaining a healthy heart, regulating blood pressure, controlling nerve impulses, regulating glucose levels in the blood, and energy production. The Office of Dietary Supplements in National Institutes of Health recommends that adult […]

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) refers to an irregular and rapid heart rate. It can increase your risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke, and other heart-related complications. In this condition, the upper chambers of the heart beat irregularly and chaotically. The upper and lower chambers’ heartbeats are out of sync. Some of the symptoms of AFib […]

Flu or influenza is a viral infection caused due to the influenza virus. It is a respiratory problem and can be contagious. When a person with flu coughs or sneezes, the infection can spread through respiratory droplets. One must be very careful if anyone in the family has flu. Taking since close contact makes it easier […]

Foundation is the most significant beauty regime for the makeup. The selection of the right foundation is the toughest job for every woman. You should select a foundation according to your skin color and skin type. There are a few foundations in the market which are multitasking and can be applied to any skin type […]

PANDORA was introduced by a Danish merchant in 1982. Nowadays, they are famous for various types of jewelry like designer rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces. They provide a variety of sales and discounts on their products. In the United States of America, you can see a lot of sale items during the Independence Day, Christmas, […]

As we all know, handbags are the basic accessory for women. But, if the handbag is made up of leather, it will add class and elegance to their style. Leather handbags are made of supreme quality leather and with minute detailing. Therefore, it is somewhat expensive than other handbags. But, some of the leather handbags […]