Window cleaning price and location

Ordering a window cleaning service in a private house usually also depends on the location. Comparing the price lists of companies operating in different regions of our country, it is easy to notice certain differences – sometimes they can even amount to a few percent. The cost is clearly increasing in large cities such. In smaller towns, you can expect lower rates, but keep in mind that there are differences in prices between individual provinces.

Calculation method

Hiring a company that will clean windows in your house or apartment is a need to carefully agree on all the rules of cooperation with the contractor. It is very important to agree on the billing form. Whereas in the case of window cleaning in office buildings the rate is usually calculated per square meter, in private houses the price per unit is usually used, i.e. separately for each window. Hourly wages are equally popular, especially in buildings with a lot of glass. Then you should take into account the average cost per hour of work. In addition, it is worth asking other questions as well – including o the cost of travel, the purchase of laundry detergents and accessories, and the number of breaks, for example, for meals. Clear rules at the beginning will avoid misunderstandings in the future.