What colors go with khaki work best?

What colors go with khaki work best? Monochrome sets

What colors work best? Those that lie on the color wheel directly below each other, in the same square of the circle. These are the so-called monochrome kits, which are extremely fashionable lately. Previously, the most popular single color choice was black. Today, it is increasingly common to see a combination of bolder and more vibrant colors, such as burgundy (like Michelle Obama during the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States), blue (like the new first lady during the same event, Jill. Biden) or green. Let’s not forget the monochrome sets in nude, earthy, cream, white, or reliable pastels such as pistachio, blue or powder pink. Monochrome styling is extremely elegant and sophisticated. Even in a plain tracksuit, you will look neat and stylish.

For example: for a dark green plaid skirt, wear a plain blouse of the same shade.