Question: what to do to get a job as a graphic designer?

Well, this is a rather problematic point. The graphic designer environment is very open and at the same time very demanding. First, study is not the only, or even the most preferable, path. Yes, they can be useful to you, but only in terms of the skills you will acquire, not the title that you can present to the employer. If you are firmly convinced that studying computer graphics is worthwhile – go ahead.

The concept artist must have an excellent art studio and be well versed in the specifics of game production. The final game components that end up in the engine will depend on how it works. Concepts often take the form of simple quick sketches, so it seems like you don’t need the dedicated workshop that is typical of good 2D graphics for this job. In fact, the opposite is true – at first the artist gains experience, working on the final design, and at the same time gets acquainted with the specifics of the production of games. Only after 2-3 published headlines can such a person apply for a position in which he will be in charge of artistic vision.

A concept artist must have a good portfolio first. Once he has a decent portfolio, it’s time to start gaining experience by trying his hand at making games as a junior 2D artist. Hence, his career could lead him to the position of his dreams as a 2D game concept art. Perhaps there is some other, simpler way, but only this will ensure that the graphic designer has the appropriate experience and skills before taking on an extremely demanding job.