Five Quick Dinner Ideas to Save Your Evenings

Planning a dinner for your family or a group of friends need not be stressful. The wide range of choices could be overwhelming if you still are contemplating what to cook. But if you have a plan, even if it is a quick dinner idea, you can work wonders. You can build on your idea while walking down the aisles of a supermarket, garden, or both. With a plan in hand and a stocked pantry, tossing together a decent meal for your family and friends will be enjoyable and stress-free. It is better to prepare in advance. Using the weekend to slow cook a chicken broth can be a game changer while fixing a quick dinner during the week. A batch of chicken broth flavored with veggies, herbs, and spices, can be used to make a soup as well as a base for cooking rice and pasta. Here are five quick and easy dinner ideas that you can make with broth:

  • Soups: With a broth readily available, soups can be prepared in a jiffy. Wholesome and healthy soups are a quick dinner idea that you can prepare using pasta, egg, sausage, mushroom, and veggies.
  • Risotto: Cooking a basic risotto with broth instead of water adds life and flavor to it. Mushroom risotto, chicken and butternut squash risotto are some popular dinner ideas that are ideal for families. It would take less than 30 minutes to cook a delicious risotto which is why it is on our list of the top five quick and easy dinner ideas. All you need to do is keep stirring the risotto until it is ready.
  • Pasta: Cooking pasta and noodles in chicken broth not only adds flavor to the pasta but also adds plenty of nutrition to it. Fettuccini and spaghetti work well with chicken broth. Chicken Alfredo and creamy cajun chicken pasta are a few pasta dishes that popular among most people. A dash of cheese will enhance the flavor of these meals.
  • Roasted chicken: Roasted chicken is a favorite while cooking for a large group of family and friends. A readymade broth helps you make this recipe quickly. Lots of butter, chicken drippings and flour is all you need to make the perfect gravy to accompany this roasted chicken dish. Roast chicken with veggies, marinated with soy and lemon, and sides of oranges and sweet potatoes are a few popular recipes and variants this recipe.
  • One dish: A slow-cooked chicken broth combined with spices and veggies can become the base of several exciting recipes. You can use this ingredient with any quick dinner idea to whip up the perfect meal.